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We promote your events with an “all-in-one-place” resource
that allows you to expand your audience through collective marketing. 

Get a full-page listing for your class, including your description, a photo, map and link to your website or Facebook page for just $7. Your class will also be included in our twice-monthly email newsletter. The listing fee funds promotion of The Learning Source to benefit you and all who use it.

Special offer:  Want to get your listing(s) for FREE?
Just agree to help grow the NBLS with a shout out and a link on your website, email newsletter or Facebook page. (“Our/My classes are featured on the North Bay Learning Source, where you’ll find classes and workshops of all kinds!” — Feel free to use our logo). Just skip the payment step after listing. Offer good for any class that takes place before July 31st.
Otherwise, just make your payment of $7 per listing.

Do you offer ongoing lessons or instruction rather than a class or workshop that happens on a specific date? A special section just for you is coming soon. Let us know if you’d like to get notified.

Please read these instructions before submitting your listing (No, really – It’s important!)

  • 1. Your class title.
    • You know how important it is to help Google direct people to your offering. Does your title clearly tell Google, as well as potential students, that this is a class or workshop and what the subject is?
  • 2. Your class will be listed by its start date.
    • For multiple-date classes, list your class only once and provide information about the schedule in your description (For example: Four Tuesdays, Jan. 8-29 OR Two-day class: Sat & Sun.)
    • If your class repeats on a subsequent date, please submit another listing.
    • Your listing will appear from the time you list it until its start date has passed, when it drops from the list.
  • 3. Be sure and fill out the short description.
    • Don’t repeat the class title. This excerpt appears on the list of all classes. Make it compelling!
  • 4. Your picture: 
    • To include your image, enter the image address/url in the form. (Right click on the image on your own website or Facebook page and “Copy image address”, then enter it in the image field on our form.)
    • If you are unable to enter an image address, you can email your image with the name of your class to deborah [at]
  • 5. Be sure you complete your payment so your listing gets processed.

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